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Episode 20

Life Hacks From An Ex Monk - with Klaus M Nielsen

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Urban Spirituality's Presents: Life Hacks From An Ex Monk - with Klaus M Nielsen

Back by popular demand, our guest on this episode is a Danish born ex Pentagon hacker who was one of the minds behind Wikileaks, who went on to become a famous international travelling monk, and the force behind the “Ask A Monk” project for nearly a decade, impacting tens of thousands of lives around the world.

Today he uses his diverse insights and eclectic training methods, weaving ancient philosophies with business psychology to help organizations and individuals navigate complex situations and environments, improve performance, and achieve excellence as an international speaker, leadership consultant and communications coach. Tune in to discover:

  • His "shady" past as a life and Pentagon hacker!
  • On drastically changing his direction in life
  • Seeking the truth and inner perfection
  • Wisdom from the monk years
  • More wisdom from the monk years
  • On why we struggle to succeed in our career and personal background
  • Sense gratification and the law of diminishing returns!
  • The value of renunciation
  • Why sometimes we end up owning things - but things own us!
  • Using hacking as a tool for self growth
  • Revisiting and finding your purpose to overcome struggles
  • The top 3 questions people all over the world have asked him
  • Using hacking to transcend needless tragedy and beckon daily joy
  • The one thing you have to give up to monumental progress
  • Distinguishing between enjoyment vs happiness 
  • Realising that things don't contain joy: perception changing leads to happiness
  • Don't try to enjoy the world - but act in such a way that the world enjoys you = renewed happiness
  • Learning to do something small that's good, everyday - that nobody finds out about = cultivate deep joy
  • Disrupting the curse of validation through social media
  • Stopping the harmful effect of attention economics
  • Features a live Q&A with online guests 

Show Notes:

Follow Klaus: http://www.klausmnielsen.com/

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