Urban Spirituality
Episode 7

Personal Evolution Through Pain - Martial Arts Wisdom For Life Enrichment & Endurance - With Aidan Lee

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Aidan is the founder and director of FitRoots Academy, and has over 20 years’ experience in martial arts, mind and body conditioning. Combining his multiple skills and qualifications in competitive Martial Arts, Philosophy, Biomechanics, Functional Strength Training, Nutrition, Psychology, and more. He coaches entrepreneurs and busy folks from both sides of the atlantic, helping them to transform their bodies and minds and achieve peak performance in all areas of life. As he says himself, through FitRoots’ – he’s on a mission is to Build Modern Warriors, create mavericks, and change makers in the world – and he seems to be doing a pretty good job of it so far. Tune in to grab some fighting fit wisdom!

Episode Highlights:

  •         Why pain can be a friend
  •         How to embrace pain as a tool for growth
  •         Reinventing yourself to overcome a dark period – “the dark night of the soul”
  •         Why your internal aesthetics are as important as your external aesthetics
  •         Why philosophy and art can enrich your existence
  •         Why your external shape is intrinsically tied with your internal state
  •         Why we fail to make good decisions
  •         Lessons from Enter The Dragon!
  •         The connection between verbal and physical self defence - and how to get better at it
  •         Why your body language and the unspoken demeanor and behaviour conveys a lot to people around you
  •         How rushing to fail may be better than rushing to succeed. 
  •         Learning to develop a healthy relationship with money / realising
  •         How Creating opportunities to invest money in others can help transmute money
  •         How taking a sacred ancient plant transformed Aidan’s direction in life
  •         Why sometimes surrendering to an alternative path can be a gateway to higher learning
  •         Raising your sincerity – going from a “tourist” to a “citizen” mindset in areas of life – start asking better questions to break through those glass ceilings
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