Vegans With Typewriters
Episode 1

Steak and Beer Day

Phaedra Beauvais published on

Segment 1 - Poutine Roundup

    - Mex
    - Caisse Croute Rodeo
    - St. Albert’s Cheese Factory
    - Law and Orders

Find of the Week

    - Blue Dragon General Tao’s Chicken Sauce

Segment 2 - It’s Grilling Season

    Tonight was the first steak and beer night of the season. It all started when I picked up my daughter after school and asked her what she wanted for dinner. She said “Spaghetti”, and that was fair game, but we had to pick up some ground beef for the sauce. We stopped at the Farm Boy just down the street from our house, and as we were strolling to the meat section, Maggie pointed at a t-bone and said “Mommy, can we have steak?” My decision tree went something like “We have Corona. We have limes. The grill is accessible and working. We have propane. Yes, my darling, it’s steak and beer night.” So, before you do your first grill of the season, here are a few things to think about:

    - Check your tank and make sure that it’s not expired.
    - Visually inspect underneath the grill
    - Check for cracked hoses and critter nests
    - Pull your grills and diffusers off and inspect the burner.
    - Make sure it’s not cracked or rusted out. Replacements are available at BBQ stores
    - Replace your grease can.
    - Clean your diffusers/inspect your lava rocks
    - Get your tank filled
    - Vacuum or sweep all the crap out of the bottom of the grill
    - Give your grills a quick swipe With a wire brush
    - Test fire your grill and let it come up to temperature. 
    - Season your grills (LOLWUT)
    - Cook a steak

    The Art of Grilling a Steak -
    How to Order and Eat Steak the Right Way - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 23 -

Quick tip

- Onion Soup Mix - The Duct Tape of Cooking

We’ve all been to parties where the chip dip is sour cream with a packet of Onion soup mix dumped in, right? Did you know you could play this game with Cottage Cheese as well for a spread that’s yummy and kinda sorta healthy? The trick is to just add enough onion soup mix so that it tastes right. Add it in one tablespoon at a time and test as you go. 


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