Vinnie And The Alien

Vinnie And The Alien 06-25-17

Vince Smith published on

The guys talk about Alien X Fest 2 from the night before including a live track from The Kenny Hill Group along with the galaxy's favorite game show, Onion Or Potato with our guest contestant Charles from Mad Talk Radio/Raw Talk Online! We also talk about crazy memorabilia auctions for charity including the holy grail from Indiana Jones and items from Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' estate, that ass has a great ass, I want my 2 dollars and a whole alien metric ton of other stuff. Onion or potato this week: a man threatens to shoot off his penis because his wife won't put out... then he goes into the next room and fires 4 shots into the floor to scare the hell out of her... Onion Or Potato? An onion is a fake story and a potato is a real story about somebody with mashed potatoes for brains! Plus music from Screaming For Silence, 23 Exp, Inori, The May I's, Concrete Angels, The Creeping Chaos and Triton! Listen live Sundays at Noon Eastern at, on Alien X Radio with the TuneIn app or on one of our many affiliates throughout the week! 200,000 listeners a month can't be wrong! (Or can they? No, I don't think they can!)

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