Vinnie And The Alien

Vinnie And The Alien 09-11-16

Vince Smith published on

Today on the Vinnie And The Alien show, we delve into the world of driving fast and eating peanut butter cups... do they taste better at high speed? We also discover why there ain't no party like an Amish party cuz an Amish party don't stop... well at least until the cops raid it. We also talk about the evils of cable bills and so very much more along with great indie rock music, The Punchlines with Alienstone, The galaxy's favorite game show - Onion Or Potato, What The Florida? and a crap ton of other awesome and hilarious topics! It's going to make you wish you'd gotten beamed up onto the Mothership sooner, trust me. Listen live Sundays at noon Eastern on!

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