WHEEL OF RANDY - A Randy Newman Podcast

Episode 20

Minus KC - The Scare Floor with Michael Bendure

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The WHEEL welcomes Funkmeister Michael Bendure for a spin! Maybe you know him from his bands (Whiskey Gingers, Heartbreak Rodeo....) or as the DJ of KGOU's Friday Night Bo-hemoth, "Tonic: The Funky Groove Show." Or maybe he lent you five bucks in 1993. Regardless, you're in for a treat.

Michael goes instrumental and reviews "The Scare Floor" from Monsters Inc. and gives us a clinic on movie scoring, the swing revival, Aaron Copeland, and Raymond Scott.

Then Michael spins the WHEEL, prompting me to say the words I thought I'd never speak: "Let's listen to the Don Henley version."

Check out Michael every Friday night on the 2nd-coolest NPR station in Central Oklahoma, KGOU/KROU. Thanks Michael!

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