WHEEL OF RANDY - A Randy Newman Podcast

Episode 25

Six-foot-Eight Elsa: Burn On with Mike McVey

Wheel of Randy published on

A sleep trance, A dream dance, A shared podcast: Synchronicity. 

We kick off Season Two of Wheel of Randy with a podcast partnership. Mike McVey from"Nobody's a Nobody" spins the wheel, while simultaneously I appear on his show! Which one to listen to first? Oh dear listener, some choices I can't make for you.

Mike's a great guy, and we talk about high school bullying, the Toastmasters circuit, and his philosophy of success.

You'll notice that at one point Mike (correctly) says Stevie Ray Vaughan is from Dallas, and I immediately lose all remaining Austin priveleges by not correcting him.

Mike and I talk about Burn On, Randy's love song (?) to Cleveland. Mike has a much more optimistic take on the song from me, which you will no doubt find refreshing.

Then we spin the wheel and...... well you gotta listen to find out!

Thanks for coming back to WHEEL OF RANDY - I hope it's worth the wait. Lots of surprises for Year Two.

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