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Episode 12

Affordable Vintage with Jonathan Ward

Matt Farah published on

In this episode, we invite the legendary Jonathan Ward into the studio to talk about affordable vintage watches! Jonathan has a long history with The Smoking Tire, as the creator of an incredible array of project cars for some very wealthy paying customers. He is primarily known for the ICON series of Toyota FJ and Ford Bronco resto-mods, but if it's mechanical and manly, odds are, Jon knows a lot about it.  He has over 100 watches, and so we asked him to bring a selection of fine vintage watches that could be bought online for under $1,000. We go over several examples, and then Jon gives us his strategy for finding good vintage watches on eBay. Finally, we get an exclusive look at the final, production version of Jon's first ever watch design, "The Duesey," and it's very cool storage box. 

Learn more about Jonathan Ward, his custom trucks, or The Duesey watch at:

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