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Episode 27

The Perfect Patina

Matt Farah published on


In this episode, tech mogul and entrepreneur Matt Jacobson stops by the studio to talk about the holy grail of vintage watches: perfect patina. Matt was the 8th employee at Facebook in 2005, and, Mark Zuckerberg excepted, is its longest serving employee. He has, unlike other men of means, put a cap on the number of watches he's willing to own at 12, instating a policy of "one in, one out." We discuss patina, how watches get it and why it's good; we then look at Matt's amazing examples of "Tropical Dial" watches; watches where the black or blue dials have faded to a tobacco or sunburst brown color. Prepare to examine some of the finest tropical dialed watches we have ever seen, anywhere in the world. We also talk about what California watch style is, Matt's taste in vintage Volkswagens and Porsche's, and big news from Cameron! 

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