We Game, We Watch
Episode 18

WGWW #018 - Higher, Further, Faster Baby

WeGameWeWatch Podcast published on
  • A surprise to no one, we've had a little break but we're back! Some really interesting things this week, we talk about Captain Marvel, Ghost Trick, Happy Death Day 2U, God of War and do our second Kingdom Hearts Corner! A nice connection between all of these is a conversation on genre and medium expectations and how they're subverted. 
  1. 00:03:00 - Captain Marvel
  2. 00:20:00 - Ghost Trick
  3. 00:27:34 - Happy Death Day 2U
  4. 00:39:30 - God of War
  5. 00:43:40 - Simple and Clean: Kingdom Hearts Corner/2 - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  6. 0058:50 - Plugs! Parker's Weird Plug
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