Wendy And Rachel Save The World

Episode 1


Mike Rotman published on

Wendy And Rachel save the world by talking... Boobs. 

Wendy does the show bra-less  and all hell breaks loose when Rachel and Wendy Save the World- Boobs Edition! 

They pose the question; How much do men care about boobs?  Is bigger really better?   Are natural breasts better than fake? And, The women debate which is worse: sagging titties or cock-eyed nipples?
Wendy and Rachel give men a variety of tips on breasts, and how to handle them and Producer Mike reveals one thing men secretly think about boobs.  
Fans call in with their tittie stories, big and small.  A lawyer calls in and opens a conversation about the workplace hug, massage and sexual harassment.  
The ladies describe what they look like naked and Wendy explains why she may never wear a bra again!
Rachel explains the Butterfly vibrator to Wendy and Rachel reveals why she loves oysters.
Wendy and Rachel talk about  how they became friends after being locked in a room together backstage at America's Got Talent.


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