What's McCracken'?
Episode 11

#10: Hi Totally Blorped, I'm Dan

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Episodes: The Nice GuyThe Time Bomb     Current Series: Wander Over Yonder

We're back! After a month hiatus, the Cracken Crew talk about a couple of episodes including on that Jordan really likes the writing on. Also Soda. We talk a lot about soda again. Topics include: Scribble Kibble (1), THE Rumiko Takahashi is getting an award, James Bond Jr. again, Yu-gi-oh podcasts: contact us, The science of being Totally Blorped, It's actually 16 seconds long, Soda anecdotes, The Fresh Spigot, Questions of Economics, Very Relatable, Inconvenient Convenience Store, Ad Break, Sadly not the Konomi Code, Yet no one says 'now this is podracing,' On Tilt, Giving gifts is kinda a good deed, That's how Boos were made, Unintentional plug for the 'Ove' Glove, Good Deeds Gone Bad, We were terrible people in college, sorry.

Next time we talk about the episodes The Day and The Night.

You can follow us on Twitter @CrackenCast. (2)

Dan can also be found on his Twitch stream Game Apartment 1C (3), or on Twitter at Game Apartment 1C (@GAMEAPARTMENT1C). (4)

Brian continues 'Getting to the Root of the Problem' by plugging Wild Bill's Soda. (5)

Jordan talks about on being on a few podcasts on Kendall's feed called Beyond Bulbasaur. (6)

Our Theme Song was made by Kendall Halman. You can find more by him at his bandcamp (7) or on his own podcast feed. (8)

The hyperlinks in above notes for other devices:
(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGEI136s4Og
(2) https://twitter.com/CrackenCast
(3) https://www.twitch.tv/gameapartment1c/
(4) https://twitter.com/GAMEAPARTMENT1C
(5) https://www.wildbillssoda.com/
(7) https://kendallhalman.bandcamp.com/
(8) http://www.kendallcast.ninja/

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