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Episode 4

#4: Who is the Universe's Awesomest Evil Doer?

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Episodes: The Good DeedThe Prisoner     Current Series: Wander Over Yonder

It's back to two 15 minute episodes as the Cracken Crew talk about a pair of shows that take Rube Goldberg devices to a cosmic level and how sometimes being a henchman is a tough and thankless job. This episode includes: Jordan's opening falls flat, You shouldn't feel bad about liking what you like, Teen Titans Go : Teen Titans :: Thundercats Roar : Thundercats, It's hard to connect to googly-eyes, "Cal-Arts influence" is a bad term to use in arguments, Side-tracked by He-man, Did you emphasized 'one' and 'piece' on purpose?, Jordan forgot to write down names, A quick tarot lesson, Mud of despair, Wander & Sylvia have a great relationship, He's not Prinsoner #6, So many great visual things that we have to explain audibly, Think Sesame Street pinball, Check out The Thief and the Cobbler, Jordan gets nautical terms messed up, This is totally for kids, Hater's Skull Ship Shopping Mall with Food Court, Hater is a fan of Boris Vallejo, thoughts on the episodes and questions!

Next time we talk about the episodes The Bad Guy and The Troll.

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Brian explains and recommends the Fantasy Flight Games Living Card Game Android: Netrunner.

Jordan talks about Crystal and Luke's new podcast, MCU Complete Me.

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