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Episode 5

#5: Go Bill!

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Episodes: The Bad GuyThe Troll     Current Series: Wander Over Yonder

This episode the Cracken Crew talk about Wander's great method acting and a rather growing problem. Topics include: Keith Richardson is Groot, Bill *gibberish reminiscent of Swedish*, No this is Patrick, The Invisible Craft of Voice Acting, It started with Disney, Random Mr. Bean mention, The strange canonicity of the Gorillaz and Powerpuff girls world, The physics of space again, Zwoooops, Little bit of dinosaur, Wickedest wan in the whole wurned wand, Truck full of explosives, I miss my garden, The Bad Guy is a title to keep in mind, It's called Vellum, Warriors of BAAAA-halla, Herdy Gerdy Herdy, Wonderfully Disgusting, Geats and Goats, I will always laugh at 'BAAAA-halla,' Jordan thought Brian had another Tolkein Tidbit, Brian and Jordan forgot to mention Morovia sounds like a Ravenloft domain, Motorcycles are expensive, The Joker Bill Murray'd a kid, Dan inadvertently stumbles upon an old WDVE sketch, Justice Fruit Pies!, and please bear with us as we try to remember Disney Quest.

Next time we talk about the episodes The Box and The Hat

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Brian talks about the many videos of Defunctland's Youtube page.

Jordan mentions Totally Reprise has reached one hundred episodes.

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