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Episode 9

#8: A WIN-Naaa...zzz...

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Episode: The BountyThe Ball      Current Series: Wander Over Yonder

The Cracken Crew get into a really great episode about second bananas as well as an episode that raises the question of who is letting giant puppies run loose? Topics include: Jordan fears he messed up a Star Wars reference; the many voices of Tara Strong; Like the Freakazoid/Cosgrove dynamic; Remain seated please; She only got severely mauled; Full Daffy Duck; The Thousand Yard Stare with just one eye; The Zenigata Effect; Checkov's Tennis Ball; Sylvia the Riveter; Brian accidentally called the book "The Time Traveler" and we didn't notice; The important philosophical question: Is Buster evil, or just a good boy?; Orson Welles Frozen Peas (1); Megamix with a tangent about Virtuosity and SID 6.7; and Players of StarCraft probably recognize the Howie Scream.

Next time we talk about the episodes The Hero and The Birthday Boy.

You can follow us on Twitter @CrackenCast (2).

Dan can also be found on his Twitch stream Game Apartment 1C (3), or on Twitter @GAMEAPARTMENT1C (4).

Brian recommends the videos of Jack Stauber (5), with a shout-out to Bill Wurtz (6) by Jordan.

Jordan talked about the podcasts by Jessie Cooper (7) called Alphabet Flight (8) and Creepy Criters (9). The recent episode he was on can be found here (10).

Our Theme Song was made by Kendall Halman. You can find more by him at his bandcamp (11) or on his own podcast feed (12).

The hyperlinks in above notes typed out for other devices:

  1. https://youtu.be/V14PfDDwxlE
  2. https://twitter.com/CrackenCast
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/gameapartment1c/
  4. https://twitter.com/GAMEAPARTMENT1C
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_ijwgvhtHQwQ55vsXDY8w
  6. https://billwurtz.com/
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HodgePodGroup/
  8. https://alphabetflightamarvelencyclopedicadventure.simplecast.fm/
  9. https://creepycrittersacryptidpodcast.simplecast.fm/
  10. https://creepycrittersacryptidpodcast.simplecast.fm/ba63ee0c
  11. https://kendallhalman.bandcamp.com/
  12. http://www.kendallcast.ninja/


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