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Episode 10

#9: Chekhov's Bandage

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Episodes: The Hero, The Birthday Boy     Current Series: Wander Over Yonder

This episode we're joined by Jessie as we watch Wander trust the wrong guy and then liven up a party! Topics include: Jordan usually provides the extra enthusiasm, Sidetracked by Spongebob, The Nihlistic Spirit!, IDW's Ghostbuster comics are really good, Jessie could barely stand Brad, Wander: Speed-run champ, Bach's Tocccata and Fugue in D minor, Brad: the 22 year old man-child, Differing opinions is important, Sylvia and the ladies, Duck Dodgers' Martians, Wander is down for a lot of things, A smile evolved from fear, Optic Nerds is a good taunt, Inconsistent Momentum?, Little kids are savvy, Brian's brain was on vacation, Another WarioLand game would be nice.

Next time we talk about the episodes The Nice Guy and The Time Bomb.

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Jessie's podcasts can be found via his Hodge Pod Facebook Group (2) as well as on Twitter at Alphabet Flight Podcast (@AlphabetFlight) (3) and Creepy Critters: A Cryptids Podcast (@CCrittersPod). (4)

Dan can also be found on his Twitch stream Game Apartment 1C (5), or on Twitter at Game Apartment 1C (@GAMEAPARTMENT1C). (6)

Brian was on vacation and doesn't have anything to plug this week.

Jordan plugs the latest WarioWare game, WarioWare Gold (7) for the 3DS.

Our Theme Song was made by Kendall Halman. You can find more by him at his bandcamp (8) or on his own podcast feed. (9)

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  4. https://twitter.com/CCrittersPod
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/gameapartment1c/
  6. https://twitter.com/GAMEAPARTMENT1C
  7. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/warioware-gold-3ds
  8. https://kendallhalman.bandcamp.com/
  9. http://www.kendallcast.ninja/
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