What's McCracken'?
Episode 6

Bonus #1: Sol Mon Grunt Tee

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Episode: E. Nigma, Consulting Detective  Series: Justice League Action

It's a bonus episode as Jordan invites his friends from the War & Beast podcast to talk about an episode of the latest cartoon version of Justice League! Topics include: Kendall gets an answer to his rhetorical question; Yes. Everything was fine; Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space; It's episode 41 on IMDB; Kevin Conroy grunts as Batman; Anyone ever seen the gameshow Concentration?; Batman '66 moment; Godspeed, Brawny Tuxedo Penguin Man; Chekov's Umbrella; "I could tell Jordan's going to like that scene."; Patreon Early Access; Andrea Romano is a great Voice Director; Remeber FOX's ADHD?

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Jordan, Greg, and Kendall use to do the War & Beast podcast with Emily on the Audio Entropy network.

The Father's Day Special that Greg was apart of can be found here in Audio Entropy's extra feed.

Kendall's other work can be found at his bandcamp or on his own podcast feed.

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