What's the Haps?!?

Good evening and welcome to What's the Haps?!?, our podcast where we nerd out on a topic and just get weird! Join Ross, JD, and Kris, and a special guest every Wednesday for about an hour as we explore various topics within nerd culture and just shoot the poop on whatever comes up! Each show will also feature a segment called What's the Hops? where we review the beer we're drinking during that episode. If you're at all interested in comics, movies, food, games, or even politics, then make sure to tune in and ask it with us, What's the Haps?!?


Do you live in San Antonio TX and want to be a special guest? Do you have particular topic you feel you can speak with some level of authority on? Send an email to whatsthehapspodcast@gmail.com! Feel free to send any feedback there as well!