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Episode 124

Brian Maloney - Media Equalizer

Dave Sussman #WhiskeyPolitics published on

Ep: 124 - Brian Maloney from the Media Equalizer Project joins Dave at Whiskey Politics to discuss bias, double standards, and malfeasance by our mainstream media. From Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee to Don Lemon and David Brock to Google, Facebook and Twitter, Brian covers how the institutional mainstream and social media conglomerates control what most people hear and see.

Since 2004, Brian and his team have cut through the noise and demonstrated media bias where they find it. Brian’s a longtime radio host and founded the Radio Equalizer in 2004. You’ve likely seen him on the cable news channels including Fox News, CNN, Newsmax and OneAmerica News. Find MediaEqualizer online as well as the very popular private membership group "Stop the Scalpings" on Facebook. Apply here

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