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Episode 185

Ep. 185 - John Hinderaker: BETOHH! Tucker, Green Deal, Immigration & Obama's FBI/DOJ Collusion Against Trump

Dave Sussman #WhiskeyPolitics published on

Ep. 185 - Excited about BETOHHH? John Hinderaker joins Dave to discusses #MediaMatters and #TuckerCarlson, the #GreenNewDeal's cost at a state level, the #Immigration #Sanctuary State debate, and the unraveling of the #Obama #FBI #DOJ, now shown to have colluded and conspired the Russian story to set up #Trump and protect #HillaryClinton. John is President at the Center for the American Experiment http://AmericanExperiment.org and Founder at http://PowerlineBlog.com. Follow John at http://Twitter.com/johnhinderaker.


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