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Episode 117

Gregory Wrightstone: Inconvenient Facts, The Science Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Ep: 117 - Let’s call this the “Earth Day” episode where we continue this weeks theme of arguing about the “science is settled” approach and how politics has permeated our hard sciences. In our last episode, Dr. Brian Keating discussed how politics impacts who wins the Nobel Prize. One such winner was the Former Vice President Al Gore for his focus on global warming and climate change. A decade later, much of Al Gore's predictions have not only not come true but Gregory Wrightstone's comprehensive book Inconvenient Facts, The Science Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To Know demonstrates newer climate data from the United Nations and NOAA showing over 60 inconvenient facts invalidating much of what Al Gore, the left, academia, and our media have been reporting for years. 

Gregory is a geologist with more than 35 years of experience researching and studying various aspects of the Earth's processes. He earned a bachelor's degree from Waynesburg University and a master's from West Virginia University, both in the field of geology. He has written and presented extensively on many aspects of geology including how paleogeography and paleoclimate control geologic processes. Gregory is a strong proponent of the scientific process and believes that policy decisions should be driven by science, facts, and data, not a political agenda. Greg has been interviewed on many news networks and speaks at events all over the world on his findings. Greg and his data can be found at InconvenientFacts.xzy and on Twitter @GregoryWrightstone.

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