Why the Bleep Don't These Bleeping Affirmations Work?!
Episode 1

We Will Tell You Why Your Bleepin' Affirmations May Not be Working

Andie and Kimm published on

The New Age movement has offered many tools that can help people shift their lives and change their circumstances. But the fact remains that many people who have been doing exercises like affirmations have seen absolutely no change, feel defeated, and bash themselves over the head for not being "conscious" enough or "evolved" enough, and so they go buy another book. We will tell you what affirmations are, why they "could" work, and most importantly, why for many they do not! We have another way...it's called unlearning the shit that doesn't serve you, and doing the inner work. Much gratitude Andie and Kimm, the iWonder Sisters "still changING, still growING, still learnING. iwondersisterhood.com pic courtesy of this blog patrickwanis.com/blog/wp-content/…ork1-300x225.jpgThank you!




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