Wingman's Garage
Episode 10

Erik Buell Racing, Thruxtons, Winglets and Why Daniel Doesn't Want a Ducati

Chris Gilliland published on

In this week's episode, Chris, Tyler, Daniel and the Tina jump right into the third reboot of Erik Buell Racing, the only remaining American sport bike company and what they hope to see now that EBR has some true financial backing. Daniel discusses how Triumph's new-for-2016 Thruxton gets a revamp to 1,200 cc and has the performance catalog thrown at it. After the break, the boys discuss the "Winglet War" occuring on the MotoGP tracks, with the sudden rise of aerodynamic wings being attached to almost every bike, then relate the cost of these wings as could only be exemplified by Kawasaki's H2R. Chris discusses the seedy side of Craigslist scams, before Daniel tells the world why he doesn't want a Ducati. 

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