World 1-1

Episode 106

World 1-94 I Don't Want To Climb Your Stupid Mountain

Larry Giver published on

CONTENT WARNING: This week's episode contains a signifigant amount of discussion on School shootings and politics surrounding the subject in the back half of the show.  This is atypical of this show and does not commonly occur.  However, due to recent events and finger pointing in the media that took place last week, we deemed it important to discuss as it pertains to this industry as well as to the subject as a whole.  If you wish to avoid this content, we recommend that you stop listening after the games of the week segment that is at the front of the show as normal.


Larry, Eddie, and Corey are all back this week and they're talking games of the week, ten dollar save slots, and if games can be a valid medium for starting and having discussions on heavy subject matter.  Come, check a look!

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