Episode 1

Thought Fox [2015 Re-Master]

Arthur Phillips published on

Hi Guys, this is the start of the 2015 Re-Mastered version of Josh Phillips - The Collection 1989 - 1998 The original versions can be purchased in a 3 disc edition from www.thenameisbond.co.uk This is inspired by a poem by Ted Hughes called Thought Fox. If you listen closely the tune incorporates a pitch shift of a semi-tone downwards, which is almost never used in pop music as most songs have a pitch shift of a semi-tone upwards. This track was really hard to remaster as the original recording was very raw and it was difficult to clean and enhance without distorting the original waveforms. In re-mastering I have used de-noise spectral subtraction, click removal, clip fix and reverb. Hope you dig it....

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