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28 - The T-Boyz Takeover

da chairmanpilled gamer (of misch published on

While Orin's away, The T-Boyz will play, and for the first time ever, we take calls from YOU! Or a handful of you, anyways, as it's our first ever live call in show! Some of our hot listener questions this week include: Is it weird that Cody Rhodes calls his father Dream? Can you plan a wrestling themed surprise birthday party? What do you think Ryback's doing? I have to pay for it? If you were to recommend some wrestling to a new fan, what would it be? Have you listened to my podcast? Tom's brother called in but didn't actually ask any questions which is infuriating because now I can't take any of them out of context. And, who would bring the worst dishes to a WWE thanksgiving potluck?

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