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Session 116 - Interview with "Power Project" screenwriter Mattson Tomlin - 2020 WGA MBA - Mulin on Disney+ - Back on Set with Covid

Tom Loveman published on

In this session, we talk with Mattson Tomlin, the screenwriter of the action/sci-fi Netflix film "Power Project." (23:15) Mattson also scripted and produced the upcoming film "Little Fish" starring Olivia Cooke and has gained attention for being brought onboard to co-write "The Batman" with Matt Reeves. We also discuss the new WGA MBA contract, Mulan and other big budget films on the small screen, and back on set in Covd.


"Power Project" on Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/watch/80204465
2020 WGA Theatrical & TV Minimum Basic Agreement: https://www.wga.org/contracts/contracts/mba
"Mulan" on Disney+: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/mulan-30-disney-makes-big-premium-demand-bet-1306919

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