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Episode 5

Yo! Gamecast 06/01/2015 Episode 5

Yo Fizz published on

We are back for episode 5!

This week Jake was a tired lil' guy, it took him a bit to come out of the gates, but he landed some excellent input on some really cool discussion points! The boys talk about the experience glitch in Witcher 3 which should be patched next week.

Three trailers came out the morning of the podcast so the crew discusses, XCOM 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and LEGO Worlds. LEGO Worlds is actually an early access game on Steam right now. While NBZ is super against this, Fizz and Jake understand where they are coming from in that they need the extra community input.

The Gamecast comrads go on to talk about The Video Game Hall of Fame as they promised last week, with some curious additions they thought would be left off. The induction will happen on June 4th and the Yo! Gamecast guys think it would be great if they made a big to do about it. Next week they will touch on who made it in and who didn't.

The guys answer another question from Sully who has so far been the lone e-mailer! So please get your emails in with anything you want to ask Yo! Gamecast at yogamecast@gmail.com

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