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Episode 7

Yo! Gamecast 08/03/2015 Episode 7

Yo Fizz published on

Back into the swing of things like nothing ever happened~

Fizz rants about Lenovo and his journey to Windows 10 and praises the invention of chicken and waffles!
Fizz got Splatoon since last podcast and also got Rocket League. He is thoroughly enjoying them both and tries to get NBZ to jump on the Rocket League bandwagon.
Zed did some homework for the show today and downloaded Angry Birds 2 to see why it has over 10 million downloads already. He goes pretty deep into it.
We talk about some news regarding Gears of War, Fallout 4, Nathan Drake Collection and more.
We wrap up the show talking about speed runners and the good that Games Done Quick is doing and followed that by viewer questions.
NBZ reminded Fizz of some news that Fizz forgot so they dip their toes ever so gentle back into the news before signing off.


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