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Episode 11

Yo! Gamecast 08/31/2015 Episode 11

Yo Fizz published on

What a week this week was! NBZ and Fizz had some fun played some games and talked to you guys about some things! Zed talked about playing Codename STEAM, Sleeping Dogs, Stealth Inc 2, Tales of Borderlands, Batman Arkham Asylum, and his sister playing some Soul Caliber online. Both of the boys talk a little Splatfest in Splatoon. Fizz talked about playing a little Guacamelee since he heard Bally talk about it on This Nintendo Life. Fizz also played some Pro Wrestling X and mentions the Pokemon TCG has got its claws back around him. So he's been playing a lot of the card game online. Naturally, Fizz played some Hearthstone and talks about The Grand Tournament.

Fizz teaches NBZ about David Lee Roth, NWA, The LA Riots, and Rodney King throughout the show in his quest to localize Zed into a full on American. Soon enough Zed will toss his crumpets aside for hamburgers in no time.

The boys talk about Might No. 9, a new xbox one, how to play Evolve for free, Dragon Age Inquisition DLC, and Konami is opening their big dumb mouths again.

The Gamecast Boys then ended the show with a couple of viewer questions and plugs..


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