Zen'd Out Fitness Podcast

Hey! My name is Josh and years ago I struggled with my weight, my depression and my overall health in general. This affected every other area of my life. While serving in the US Navy I ended up developing some bad habits that led to a really crappy quality of life! I ate like crap, drank lots of alcohol, never exercised and my mindset was always focusing on the negative. I ended up weighing around 260 lbs and was miserable to say the least. The month I got out of the US Navy in 2013, I woke up and decided I did not wanna spend the rest of my life this way. Over the next 2 years I went on a self development rampage.

The mission for my podcast is to inspire my audience through a combination of unique tools, strategies and actionable information to help reach their goals and ultimately enable them to lives to their fullest potential. I am dedicated to providing my audience with physical, mental, and spiritual information & strategies aimed at helping them achieve a new level of wellbeing & lifestyle strategies to overcome roadblocks and conquer life's challenges that inevitably show up. I am doing this for the people like me who know they have amazing potential but need a push to tap into it and take life to the level. We plan on having guests who are experts in all areas of life but specifically dealing with nutrition, exercise, sleep, meditation, mindset & play. All the pillars to help you build a solid foundation for your life and get you started on your path to greatness.

This podcast is intended to be a beacon of light for anyone searching for a greater meaning and purpose in life. It is all inside of you my friends, it is time to find it and start living fully!

Much Love,