eCommerce: Hacking The Holidays
Episode 4

All About Amazon: Extending Your Brand Presence to Boost Credibility and Reach

VaynerMedia published on

It’s no surprise that Amazon has become more than an eCommerce powerhouse, and in this episode, you’ll hear proof points from co-founder of Thursday Boots Company, Nolan Walsh, and Vice President of Digital Media at VaynerMedia, Lee Elliott. Speaking with VaynerMedia’s SVP of eCommerce, Sabir Semerkant, and Partner Manager for Shopify Plus, Mac King, Nolan explains how selling Thursday Boots DTC (direct to consumers) initially helped cut out the middleman, but fell short on building faith in a new brand. This episode dives deep into Amazon’s competitive edge, including Nolan’s strategic decision to place his product beside bigger brand names, which helped to gain credibility. From another perspective, Lee highlights Amazon’s three media channels (A+ Enhanced Content, AMS, and AMG/AAP) with insights from Sabir on the platform as a leading product search engine, not just a shopping experience. As always, the group closes with innovative hacks to help you stand out and sell out, particularly for Black Friday.

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