eCommerce: Hacking The Holidays
Episode 5

Viral Marketing: How to Catch a Break on Social Media and Keep Up Your Momentum

VaynerMedia published on

As viral marketing has proven, building your brand around a trending topic can propel you into the spotlight. While the path to success is different for every business, this episode follows Matt Fiano’s journey as co-founder and CDO of the clothing and fashion company, Ivory Ella. Alongside hosts Sabir Semerkant (SVP of eCommerce at VaynerMedia) and Mac King (Partner Manager for Shopify Plus), Matt explains how he was able to monetize a social media meme account after steadily gaining nearly 7 million followers. Before flipping the switch, Matt recounts his many challenges and breakthroughs, from identifying a worthwhile cause to fulfilling orders with little manufacturing, packaging and shipping experience. This episode is rich with insights, including the value of collecting email addresses, launching products with friends and family, and increasing demand with pre-orders. While Matt offers a long list of holiday hacks, you don’t want to miss his take on celebrating and growing with your valuable repeat customers.

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