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Episode 1

ePatient 101 Class Introduction

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This is the introduction to the 6 week class on being an empowered patient presented by Intake.Me.  Hosts Darla Brown and Mark Clifford explain the overall course and what the benefits of taking this course will be for anyone who participates. 

Intentions of the ePatient101 virtual classroom

  1. Empower more people in their own health by sharing the benefits of empowerment, giving tools & resources
  2. Community & education for existing epatients, caregiversIntention
  3. Provide resources, tools, tips & experiences to help. 
  4. We believe empowered patients are key to fixing our healthcare system

What will you get from this class?

Benefit #1: Better understanding of the empowered patient movement

Benefit #2: Increase in knowledge of issues facing healthcare patients in the future if they don’t take action now

Benefit #3: Save money & time - make the most of each doctor visit  

Who is it for?

Individuals at any point in the care spectrum (pre-diagnosis, newly diagnosed, undiagnosed, chronic condition). People just wanting to learn about patient empowerment Caregivers Doctors, nurses, mental health providers, community organizers, advocates -- any provider wanting to learn about patient empowerment

Class format rundown

6 week classes, 1 hour each class, available on YouTube & Podcast

How to register for the class

Subscribe at epatient101.com to receive the class syllabus, homework & weekly emails full of tips, resources & ways to connect with the ePatient community. 

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