How to be an Empowered Patient - #epatient101 -  is a free online course for anyone interested in becoming an empowered patient, empowered caregiver, or patient advocate. Through a series of classes you will learn why patient empowerment is important - how it can not only save you time and money, but even your life, and why our rapidly changing healthcare system requires you to become more involved in your own healthcare.

Gone are the days of assuming your doctor has all the answers or can offer a panacea or cure when you get sick. In today's complex healthcare system, patients must be involved in their own healthcare and must take ownership of their own data and health records.   

Produced by Intake.Me, this initial course offering will be a series of 6 weekly classes with accompanying coursework on the epatient101.com website.  Intake.Me is focused on empowering patients and providers at each visit and offers solutions to streamline your doctor visits.

Hosted by empowered patient and advocate Mark-John Clifford of healthinthelaughlane.com and Darla Brown, who is a cancer survivor and founder of Intake.Me.

Sorry, there are currently no episodes available for this podcast.