Tony Gordon, co-owner of 4 salons in Chicagoland. A fourth generation hairstylist and third generation salon owner, This guy has seen it all. 2016 and 2017 Chicago Magazine's Readers Choice Award. One of the Top 200 salons in the USA for 15 years. Tony Gordon's wit and wisdom makes for a fun and inspiring communication. His guests are variety of people impacting the lives of people that work in salons: People in the salon industry that are doing great things in their own spaces, beauty school instructors, salon owners, salon consultants, salon architecs, salon trainers, guest artists, award winners, medical, legal and accountants to help you through. Tony wants to know the deep knowledge that you have learned on your journey, and help us all disect the crazy beauty world we live in. Taking a deep dive into your story is where we wants to go. 

A little kitchy and a lot fun. The Gordon style is engaging and irreverant. Ludcris and smart. Tony willkeep his audience moving!


Tony's Podcasts