Alyse Speyer started her career in marketing for technology start-ups in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. After a few near-death experiences, existential crises, and tech burnout, Alyse left tech to pursue her passion for meditation, yoga, and personal development. She has since spent her days obsessed with breathing, transitions, and learning how to navigate the complex theories and practices of this feeling we call Life. Through a blend of east and west, Alyse marries the eight limbs of yoga with modern life coaching to support transformation in mind, body, and breath. She has coached and taught yoga, meditation, and breathwork in the U.S., Nepal, India, Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Spain and has transformed thousands of lives through her integrative healing techniques. Alyse currently is a happy nomad coaching and teaching from country to country and spends her days collaborating with the world’s top leaders in Personal Development, such as Jon and Missy Butcher, Neale Donald Walsch, Robin Sharma,  Eric Edmeades, and more.

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