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    Another GREAT show....I really like the part about the tracks only having 1 event and more or less making it an EVENT that you know you have to get to or else you wait another yr..Hence fills the stands..Although I disagree with turning right in NASCAR I love the idea of mixing up the chase i,e maybe the first 4 races of the chase be a different style track in order to give all 16 a chance then move on. Brian Scotts tire issue could have been solved with 1 scuff tire and allowed to qual. but NO ..I bet they fix that soon..And I hole heartedly agree the 48 dynasty is over!! A threat every race yes..but another championship NOPE! Kevin,Kurt,Brad and Joey are the class acts every week ..Untill Toyota figures out their speed issues their wins will be spuratic at best and a none factor in the chase again.. I like JGR and MWR but even Denny says in his own way...There are issues with speed...My favorite thing to watch this season is going to be the 41/4 fight for the title..Not the 48/24 its a nice change NASCAR needs this style of change.. NOT changing HOT DOGS and the HAULERS over to tents and Increasing the lines we have to stand in..Nascar is changing the FAN experience at that track and leaving its roots behind i.e N.Wilkesboro/Rockingham thats why again agree with you ONE EVENT per track and add the short tracks back....Fans would love the up close action,beatin and banging.and yes more fights....Ounce again great show I look forward to next weeks show..

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