I'm the PR and Outreach Coordinator for Petey Vid. It's the first successful cross-platform videos search engine!

I enjoy podcasts about almost everything (especially games and movies) and I like to share what Petey Vid has to offer -- if I think it can actually help. 

Have a good day! =]

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  • From: Mortville - Split N Kiss 2020-08-20 23:29:26
    Hey, You like technology and talking about almost everything -- and so do we! We’re a cross-platform video search engine, called Petey Vid, and we’d love to be on your show. You can find us at https://www.peteyvid.com. Let me know if you think we’d be a good guest to have! Thanks!
  • From: Jackalmen Games Podcast: Argent Saga - The Saga Starts Here
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  • From: Emojidrome - #58: Don't Be A Dweeb (Robot Face)
    Your podcast is great! I feel like you never really know what to expect from you guys! We’d love for you to visit our cross-platform video search engine called Petey Vid. We found you videos about emoji news, merch, and more at https://www.peteyvid.com/?q=emojis&vs=list ! Hope this helps you stay on top of the emoji game – not that you need any help. Keep it up! Brittiny
  • From: DockTauk - Bucket Fluke
    Hi, I enjoyed your podcasts very much. I listened to the “Bucket Fluke” and I can certainly relate to the frustrating beginning story. You should see some of the fishing videos on Petey Vid – a video search engine – they might help you and other fishing enthusiasts. They have videos with fishing tips, reviews, adventures and much more at https://www.peteyvid.com/index.php?q=fishing . Keep the stories coming! Thanks, Brittiny Lene'
  • From: We Game, We Watch - WGWW #25 - Once Upon a Time in the Mushroom Kingdom
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