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  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Winter Driving Tips; Fun Commuter for Paul in Ogden, UT; Missed Performance Potential
    Bang on about the winter tires. Totally agree that regular winters are preferable over performance winters in areas where the roads are snow covered on a regular basis. One thing to note is that for roads that are usually clear but in areas with freezing temperatures my experience is that performance winters are far superior to regular winter tires. Performance winters have much stiffer sidewalls and a harder compound vs. regular winters. Performance winters feel much more stable during cornering and you can take corners much quicker when compared to a regular winter tire. The tradeoff is that in snow/ice the harder compound will not give you as much traction as the softer compound in a regular winter. So it really depends on your location and how the roads are in winter. Most of the Nokians i've driven on have softer compounds than even your typical blizzak/x-ice so they tend to do better in snow/ice but really suffer in the dry.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Hauling Moose Parts; Permission To Buy A 911; What’s Too Much Horsepower?
    Great podcast. FYI just one comment on the 911 turbo. Although they are spared from the IMS issues (as is the GT3/GT2) the pre 997.2's have a coolant line issue where there are 7 pipes in all that are "Glued" in place and the glue eventually goes brittle which means the hoses loosen and coolant is dumped out of the motor. The fix many are going to is to weld the coolant pipes but it is a job that requires the engine out of the car and can be pricey. It seems to happen on cars that are tracked (makes sense since the temperature rise/fall will affect the epoxy) but i've heard of it happening to cars that are just street driven.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - 2016 NYIAS; WRX STI Buyer's Remorse; Cars For A Tall Dad
    One thing to note about the Fiat 124 Abarth vs. the MX-5 is that it's actually slower 0-60 than the MX-5 (according to data given by Fiat 6.8 sec). Maybe Fiat is being super conservative but maybe the Fiat cant get over the weight penalty vs the MX-5.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - BMW M2 Purchasing; Wildcard Commuter Car; Convertible For Classical Musicians
    Great idea with the "temporary" S2000. Ride the S2000 bubble... it's crazy how they have stayed steady the last couple years (and even went up in resale in some cases). I owned a AP1 for 5 years (2009 - 2014) and when I sold it, I got exactly what I paid for it.

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