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  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Nick And His Family Wagon; Best Movie Car Chase Scenes & More Facebook Questions
    Hey guys, thanks for addressing my question regarding the GT350R and looking forward to the Mustang review that's coming soon. A follow up if I may: With the number of fairly advanced technological components like the magnetic suspension and the $20K set of carbon fiber wheels that come standard on the 350R, is it enough for it to perhaps usurp the M2 as Paul's new performance car? Admittedly I have no clue how Paul spec'd out his BMW order but a $52K starting MSRP escalates very quickly and starts to overlap the low end of the 350R price sheet. (Bear in mind I'm a Porsche-phile and have the same German car preference akin to Paul's.)
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - BMW M2 Purchasing; Wildcard Commuter Car; Convertible For Classical Musicians
    I respectfully disagree with you guys regarding the Abarth; aside from an exhaust note that's just this side of pornographic, I never found the Abarth to be as "complete" a car to drive as a comparable MINI. In fact, the higher hip-point design of the Abarth and the awkward clutch pedal feel ruins the user experience in spite of the competent chassis and wonderful soundtrack. I get that Rick needs a car to commute long distances and I managed 60K miles over 24 months of ownership of a Cooper S with a Seattle to Yosemite road trip thrown in and the MINI handled it all with aplomb. Todd, the 996 cabs are a great value and for the folks who has to deal with traffic in D.C. a 3.6L 996 cabriolet with Tiptronic can be an absolute joy to own and drive while being a great value proposition. Great call! Paul, the term you're looking for is Percussionist. (Xylophone, cymbal...)

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