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  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 114 - back to normal
    i know this is an old episode but like the first 10-20 minutes the way nick is describing what he went through i went through the exact same thing and feel the same ways. Especially "all of a sudden those stupid pot thoughts carry emotional weight"
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 164 - In Your Eyes
    I'd bottom for Jim Morrison
  • From: Cum Town - Ep. 17 - Old Friends
    Troi could sense emotions telepathically. Rather than humans who can just sense emotions from facial expressions, she had a telepathic sense so she could feel people suffering and shit when they weren't in front of her or she could tell when someone was lying even if they were a perfect liar. I mean you probably know this and are trolling Star Trek fans but my autism forced me to comment anyway

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