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  • From: World 1-1 - World 1-44 Pegasus Prime Time With Presto Studios
    Well, that was a great pleasure to listen to and also a great honor to hear the guys reading and answering a question, that was on my mind for a loooong time. It was really something big and, I guess, life changing to discover A Journeyman Project Turbo back in early 90s. It was that bootleg russian version and it was localized actually pretty bad, but it still could be seen how much effort had been put in it so the game could come out in Russia. I played it many times, the game seemed hard to me, especially the part where you have to unarm nuclear missiles by finding all those cities on the globe while I was a kid and had no geography lessons yet, so this episode was a lot of trial and error for me. But I was already deep into computers back then so I dug everything I could from the gamedisk just to understand how all this magic is done. It was so unusual to see a game which is basically a movie played in right direction depending on what you do. Some of my friends thought it was kinda lame, but I immidiately saw how clever this actually was, because it gave the ability to play such a beautiful game with unprecidently detailed environment on a low-end PCs we had back then. I also was and is a fan of sci-fi stuff, and this game is just a great sci-fi story with many aspects that remain uniqe to this day. I don't think anything like this can be done today, it's just the charm of that period of time, I guess, combined with the cleverness of the creators, that delivers this experience. Ofcourse I just bought Pegasus Prime on steam despite already having it on GOG, because I wanna collect JP-related stuff even if it's digital, because, you know, in Russia there's not much opportunity to have physical copies of retro western games. That's why, and I dont wanna hide it, I am extreamly hopefull about maybe winning some of giveaway stuff :-), I promise that in this case it will fall in right hands. Huge thanks for the podcast and my great childhood. Love. Dmitry from Russia

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