Prognosticate...when art...critics who predict the future...rush towards insignificance...There is untapped potential when the effective mechanism, designed for sucking the watery nutrients from collective toxic emotional waste, is Human empathy,

Yet inflation opiates, constipates, economic circulation, obstructing honor, dignity, at each vulnerable, individual energy level,

Hiding inside all that work we  earned a chunk of our own obstruction. The thundering inner threat of homelessness, makes us kiss the hand we ought to break, in deed, young lady, all promises are meant to be broken.

A charade of toughness...a way of avoiding feeling...

Commercial-Judicial Motivationalism


Art as the Self Governing Concious.

Publishing proof to Baader Meinhoff Complex.  Sanitarium/Asylum Inheiritance.  Competitive Market Milenial Bail outs L. Bachelier invention of Options trading.  Louvrer Dam, Berlin Mexican Economic Orders.

Domestic Non-depreciative Production Prison Arts Concentration Villages by Hitler


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