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  • From: Garnett on Games - We Have Titanfall
    Hope you've unlocked Electric Smoke for your titan to zap those rodeo dudes off your back :-)
  • From: Garnett on Games - Garnett on Games debuts!
    Welcome back! Missed having a show from you each week. It would be cool to have notes with timestamps for topics you cover for a couple reasons . . . let's say you get really into something (for example, on the old show you got stuck on GTA 5 for several shows and I don't particularly care for that game) and I'd like to skip to the next segment. Or it is easy to be listening and then something catches my attention, and I'm like "Wait what game are we talking about now? That sounds neat." and I could just look at the timestamp for a hint rather than rewinding to hope I catch the name.. Just a convenience thing - if it already exists somewhere, I'm sorry for missing it!

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