My name is Ihechi. i am a sister (Rev), a nurse, a lawyer a life coach and hypnotherapist, a humanitarian a podcaster a Writer. My life style is that of prayer, education, love and service to humanity. I believe in the love  of God to all. I believe that we like God can accomplish everything through faith and humility in Him. 

This Podcast is to help those who are suffering from cancer and other various  diseases. To help them have a functioning healthcare facility to provide special care and treatment and support them in their darkest moments. Our aim is to promote  health, education, wealth  and development, which in turn helps to eradicate poverty in Africa. I implore mankind to embrace the part of good ways to make positive changes in our world where everyone will live in harmony and peace, grace and gratitude. I believe that Africa will emerge to greatness where poverty will be history once and for all. Join me in this journey of greatness to build and not to destroy, to enlighten and not to darken to serve and not to subdue to love and not to hate in oneness with Christ to God the Father and Holy Spirit.

One with God is majority!


Sister Ihechi's Podcasts