I am the host of The Spiritual Millionaire podcast and am passionate about human evolution and potential and the best ways to experience and express our true natue of joy and freedom to become boundless, fully fledged human beings and squeeze all the juice out of life - in the ups and the downs and getting to know our true selves and our unbridled capacity to love for in that is everything. I love bringing inspiration to my listeners to whom I am truly grateful through conversations with movers and shakers and leading edge thinkers in the new world that is becoming/unfolding,  for each of us can help shape the future for our children and future generations. This is the legacy we must work to usher in - one of individual and collective freedom and love,  for this is the only real truth. Our focus creates our reality and we are true alchemists. Never have we had so much access to such precious information and we are all powerful creators. 

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