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  • From: City of Wolves - Werewolf the Forsaken 2nd Edition: City of Wolves - 12
    Thank you for the comments ( I will be responding to all of them in this message as well as mentioning them in the newest episode when we record it this upcoming Sunday) I admit we have quite a few cringe inducing moments, I tend to cringe a lot myself as we play not to mention face palming until my face has a permanent print of my hand, I am the storyteller, just for reference. Yes, Peter(Sifas) used to keep notes for the group but he kinda just stopped for no apparent reason and now details are being lost, I really felt bad for Daniel(Skip), however we had explained to him at least twice what was going and it seemed to just to fly over his head that we were past the information gathering stage. Yea Melina's character (Leliana) has only a single dot in Strength and no points in brawl which makes her pretty unreliable in combat not to mention she has a one in Composure as well. Again I thank you for bearing with us, through this learning process (this our first Chronicles of Darkness game). I have already discussed some ideas based off your suggestions with Mark (Ren) and Melina (Leliana) to implement and hopefully improve.