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  • From: The Motor Affair - Let's Play The BMW Check Engine Light Game
    Just buy American cars like corvettes or camaro s and stop messing around with this german crap ...
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Lies - #296
    Buy high sell low...you DWA hosts need to band together and help get bryans c4 to radwood. We re routing for you Bryan.....
  • From: Clutchkick - Not a Honda Guy
    New Cayman exhaust manifold and cat on eBay is 350 to 400.. https://www.ebay.com/b/Car-Truck-Catalytic-Converters-for-Porsche-Cayman/33629/bn_19595024 Hope this helps
  • From: The Motor Affair - Four Rotor Wonder and A Yellow Lamborghini Diablo with Rob Dahm and Erica Schrull
    Great job guys just need to raise the volume on this episode. Thanks In Advance
  • From: Clutchkick - Sportomatic
    Just a heads up but as an old bastard..for some reason your podcast is the only one of shout engines automotive podcasts I can't get on my apple podcast app to pop up..I have to come to shout engine site. Itself to listen .. Either way...cool podcast guys...keep up the good work
  • From: The Motor Affair - The Purist Group with Sean Lee and Johnson Jeng
    Jason.....just buy a c6 z51 ls3 corvette or c6 z06. Mileage is nothing on the cars and the prices drop accordingly...why transplant an ls motor into some other 3100 lb vehicle ....when the factory offers this vehicle for chump change these days...want a better interior...it's easier and more reliable to fix an interior than swap engines in and out of cars... The LS motor and rigid chassis of a corvette c6 is awesome...and a great foundation for performance. My purchased since new 2008 c6 z51 stick does zero to sixty in 4 flat, corners at 1.0 lateral cornering g s...top speed is 190 mph stock... These are totally stock figures....want more? Why? But if you do..then buy a 2006 c6 z06 ...there were no issues and they are the least expensive. C6 z61 high teens, c6 z06 30 grand...the only question is what do you want to spend? Drive for 300k miles and just enjoy...
  • From: Clutchkick - Mystery Science
    My bad it was my headphones...sorry guys there is no delete of comment here...great work guys
  • From: Clutchkick - Mystery Science
    Your audio needs help...lots of static ...at times...keep up the good effort... thanks guys
  • From: Clutchkick - Driving While Sprint
    GOod show...thanks
  • From: Clutchkick - Clutchkick - 74 - DWA! Coastal Range Rally Edition
    Cool show guys
  • From: Clutchkick - Clutchkick - 74 - DWA! Coastal Range Rally Edition
    Sorry....NOT A VALID
  • From: Clutchkick - Clutchkick - 74 - DWA! Coastal Range Rally Edition
    I am not able to subscribe to clutchkick podcast ...when I try it says "the provided link is a valid podcast." Just a heads up. I can listen from shout engine but not my apple ipad podcast app where I can download and listen to cammedand tubbed, dwa , honeverse, smoking tire ...I'm not super technical but I've added podcasts before...for some reason I can't add yours....please look into this and let me know how and when to try again... I enjoyed your podcast and would like to put it on my programming list each week. JB
  • From: Clutchkick - Clutchkick - 74 - DWA! Coastal Range Rally Edition
    Enjoyed the show
  • From: Clutchkick - X6Maybe?
    Enjoyed the podcast even though I dig corvettes ;) keep up the cool podcast...
  • From: The rCars Podcast - What's Old is New
    Rcars rocks...zR1 should be insane... Mid engine c8 even crazier
  • From: Auto Off Topic - The 'vette gets 'em wet
    I loved my c5 z06....and now I have a c6 z51 which is a cool ride too. Best sports to buy new and preowned are corvettes....keep up the good work on your podcast
  • From: Wheel Bearings - Wheelbearings Episode 002 - Hyundai Ioniq, Electrified Ferraris, Cord Revival, Peak Automobile
    Took me a while but I found you guys on iTunes...cool! (I'm old) ;)
  • From: Wheel Bearings - Wheelbearings Episode 002 - Hyundai Ioniq, Electrified Ferraris, Cord Revival, Peak Automobile
    How do I find your shows on iTunes and my podcast app on the phones...you shows great but I can't seem to find it anywhere but shout engine.,,,or facebook
  • From: Wheel Bearings - Wheelbearings Episode 001 - Dan and Sam kick it off
    You guys are awesome!
  • From: The Motor Affair - Introductions
    Good show guys....wasn't on iTunes so I just listened from shout engine... Best of luck...
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Porsche-Heavy
    Always enjoy your podcast guys. Ran into a few enthusiasts today that had 240z s and was told they can challenge their owners with niggling issues on a continual basis. Thought I'd suggest Jason look at something newer. For less headaches. Can't say for sure but wanted to pass it along. That 912E is a cool ride. Thanks for posting up photos on Instagram. Any chance you can post up some of your Porsche air cooled flat six. We never see it and rarely hear about it. Share some of those beauty shots.
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Buying High And Selling Low - DWA Podcast #168
    Buy high sell low... I love it....that's the real world for 99 percent of car owners... Cars traditionally depreciate. You guys are finding out how the rest of us live... Sell it to the first guy who comes to see the car. Be done with it. Times money.. Buy high sell low....craigslist buyers are often going nuts for a few hundred less than usual.. Brian's got the formula down pat... Fuck it!
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Buying High And Selling Low - DWA Podcast #168
    Buy high sell low... I love it....that's the real world for 99 percent of car owners... Cars traditionally depreciate. You guys are finding out how the rest of us live... Sell it to the first guy who comes to see the car. Be done with it. Times money.. Buy high sell low....craigslist buyers are often going nuts for a few hundred less than usual.. Brian's got the formula down pat... Fuck it!
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Super Seven - DWA Podcast #137
    Just wanted to let you guys know out here on the east coast some of us enjoy everyone of your shows. You are a cool group of eclectic young car enthusiasts and the chemistry of you together makes for a entertaining show. Keep up the great work. JB
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Couldn't Launch It: From The C&T Vault
    You know we love you guys but what was this the mumble edition? It was actually fun to listen to potty mouth tubbed in the early days... Barely heard cam so it was quite the one sided podcast except for a few whispers from cam...... My how things have changed... Keep up the great work....and keep those Porsches rolling! JB
  • From: Driving While Awesome - 993 Boyz! - DWA Podcast #118
    Why are 996 s so inexpensive on the west coast (i.e. L A) compared to the rest of the country? (Craigslist) Are they AWESOME? ;) Always a great show guys! Thanks
  • From: The Auto Committee - Introductions and Auto Show Season
    You guys did a great launch show....where is the second podcast? Hope you are having fun planning your next show
  • From: Driving While Awesome - The BMW M2 Is The Old M3...Kinda - DWA Podcast #110
    Sad to hear Blaise's vow scirrocco didn't make the rally.....cool ride....more photos on Facebook...I'm too old to know what the hell is Instagram..
  • From: Driving While Awesome - The BMW M2 Is The Old M3...Kinda - DWA Podcast #110
    M2 is a cool little sport coupe...m2 fender flares are aggressive....although a heavy little car for its size...but for 55 grand would win out over cool m4 which reaches towards a small m6
  • From: Driving While Awesome - SpongeBob SquarePusher - DWA Podcast #113
    Cool show but boo hiss on your c7 z06 review of styling...! ;) Although compared to little sports cars I understand but compared to other 650 hp super cars this z06 styling fits in... Torch red, white or black with black interiors are probably better colors. And I prefer the 1LZ aero one package as its a little more subdued.... I see this monster starting at around 80 grand or about the price of a medium optioned boxster s... Styling opinion aside as that's a personal opinion you German car fans might object to....go drive one...they steamroll the completion that if your I to cars might enjoy... Digging your photos of the cool rally. Looked like a ton of fun. Great job guys.... Had me searching 996 911 s out in California. You guys have soon many 911 s out there....the preowned versions are are 30 percent cheaper than on the east coast... For kicks...I thought an older 911 would be more a DWA podcast car.. I enjoy the podcast guys....keep up the good work...AWESOME,!!.
  • From: The Auto Committee - Introductions and Auto Show Season
    Congrats on your first automotive podcast... Cool show ....and enjoyed your discussion although I'm on my third new corvette and daily drive them all...in the NY metro area...just put snow tires on and go.....the day after any storm. Never a problem... GM makes these things to blow through 3 ft snow banks... Great cars and mine has 95k miles in it now. Use it and lose it buddy...it's a great car to drive. Had everyday drivers in the past and one day I was selling my mint low mileage c5 z51 for about half what I paid for it...I was like wtf...that the dumbest thing ....just use the next vetted and party every day... Good show and fwiw...when you get a kid...buy yourself a sports car....as taking the kid for long rides will win big bonus points with the kids new mom....letting her sleep late on Sunday mornings as you cruise with the little kid in the car seat.... You d be surprised how much a new mom digs corvettes or any sports car after her first Sunday relaxing alone in the house while you are driving with the kid... As long as you got the coin for the car....if your tight...get a booster s or a corvette ... Gm validates these cars for 300k miles so their upkeep is really inexpensive... Life after baby doesn't end and that includes two seater.s Just get a sports car that repairs and maintance wont break the bank....nothing blows more than expensive repairs ..American cars repairs are much less expensive to repair....so it's less of a headache... If you go for a boxster s like the guys on driving while awesome podcast ...just find an independent shop to work on your German sports car. Great show you guys....thanks for the fine effort..
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Top 10 Googled Cars of 2015 - DWA Podcast #94
    2016 BMW m4 DCT 3585 lb curb weight 2016 camaro SS 3685 lb curb weight I'm digging the new M2 and surprised you guys thought it would deteriorate the value of the 1M.. Great topics every week on your show.. Thanks! Really a great show!
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Top 10 Googled Cars of 2015 - DWA Podcast #94
    Even though I'm on my third 3 new corvette z51 s or z06 s I dig your foreign car BMW and Porsche podcasts...you guys crack me up. Happy new year and thanks for all your fine efforts... Just to play devils advocate......zero to 60mph in 4 flat, 1.0 lateral cornering g.s, top speed 190 mph...no internal mods....just a few interior leather mods....and Heads up display....zero to 95k miles and the maintenance was just oil changes, gasoline and tires... Hell of a super car.... Almost did a 2013 boxster s with PDK pasm chrono but couldn't give up the total performance ... Nice interior .....and nice mid engine steering feel...only transmission I'd give up a manual for would be that radical PDK...nice direct shift feel.. Cool, podcast... Just to bust your balls...check out the 6th gen camaro ss performance for 37 grand..... These gm cars are validated for 300k miles.....it's gas oil and tires...while they terrorize all competitors from around the world....that are anywhere near in price....give or take 50 grand... Thanks for the show!
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Trading A BMW E36 M3 For a Porsche 951 - DWA Podcast #89
    Great show......thanks guys!
  • From: Super Speeders - Episode 18 - Chatting with Cara
    Cool show...cool guest ...I want that c7 stingray for a day!
  • From: Hooniverse - Android Cars and Electric Sheep
    On all shout engine podcasts
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - T-Shirts & Merchandise, Infant-Friendly Car, Fun-Car Insurance Rates
    I'm getting a pop up that says the operation could not be completed On all shout engine podcasts
  • From: Driving While Awesome - Project Car Updates - DWA Podcast #80
    The operation could not be completed
  • From: Hooniverse - Android Cars and Electric Sheep
    The operation found not be completed
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Miller Motorsports Park Update, Moving On From Corollas (or anything not fun)..
    Definitely can buy an under three grand 60k mile mint condition mx5. Rear wheel drive convertible manual transmission mx5 are all over the place. I just bought a 1994 mx5 60k mile and it's awesome,. Hit it with an orbital polisher and some polish and wax. Looks brand new. Figure a grand to assure normal maintanence is done and that's high. Parts are inexpensive and plentiful. That gets my vote. I bought the mx5 as my winter driver as I just could nt do an SUV etc and figure snow tires will make this little car a great all around fun driver. Most smiles per mile counts as a huge plus. Alex...get the mx5. Very reliable and sturdy with millions of parts available and very inexpensive to buy and keep running. Jmo
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Best Ways to Shop, A Second Fun Car, Best Realtors' Cars; Episode 48
    Spell check is killing me......btw your pricing out west seems to be higher than on the east coast for pre owned cars... Head east young man....for your 20 grand wonder. Buy a c6 corvette as there has never been a larger owner group that just takes their sports cars out on sunny Sundays..(I'm not one of them but their are tons of them and they are validated by GM for 300k..... Remember negotiate...asking price isn't selling price even on mint Elise's if that's what you want. Make an offer..the worst they can say is no and counter...that's the nature of making a deal if the guy wants out...you never know... Most sellers post high prices planning on giving some up.. A lotus seller knows he is not using the car like you would and wants the money... Make a lot of offers and who knows...you might live your dream... My advice is get a 2006 c6 z51 with the ls2 and four hundred hp...20 grands plenty and if you really want the ls3 with 436 hp.....get the z51 m6 with npp and don't be afraid of the mileage. I bought my c6 new and this thing with 91k miles has been utterly reliable. So good in fact I couldn't justify getting rid of it for the c7...(not enough hp increase on the LT1 I test drove and I did a few interior mods like a dsv steering wheel and a few other leather torch points....the cars a beast and cheap to buy, own, maintain and insure... The pool of Sunday garage queens available with the c7 and c7 z06 recent release is huge....and the dealer trade ins are shit...you know that number so just offer a few grand more... 20 grands easy Pickens for a mid mileage garage queen...of say 8 k miles a year for a 2006 or 2007 ls2 z51... Never breaks and if it does need maintance (sp) it's inexpensive.... Good luck on your Elise hunt....I still say throw out offers and live the dream.... That's what I do.
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Best Ways to Shop, A Second Fun Car, Best Realtors' Cars; Episode 48
    You guys are great..your podcast convinced me to purchase a second sports car. A 1994 black on black miata with 60k miles from a 67 year old gentleman for under 3 grand and it's mint. My on suggestion in hindsight is to realize a 21 year old mint condition garaged convertible would be to suggest buying a trombone brush on day one if the car is going to no longer be garaged...rain and clogged drainage pipes make for an unfortunate situation. Let's just say a Torrential rain on a Sunday afternoon gave me a good lession to share. Love this car and is so basic it's quite an interesting alternative to my daily driver black c6 z51 m6 440 hp corvette that gets the garage.... The new ND miata which hardens back to the NA miata had me convinced along with the mint condition of this low mileage low cost 1994 example. Wouldn't have chosen to have two black sports cars if I had my choice the second time around but the car was in such mint condition I couldn't resist the urge. Besides I get to do an everyday driver debate of my own every time I drive one of these incredible sports cars. I could have bought new wheels and tires which I didn't need or I could have bought the 1994 miata for shits and giggles...incredible intangible qualities that make driving at legal speeds feel like your piloting a little go cart... Looking forward to a grand reveal of the ND and driving up in my 1994 next month with one of the most discussed aspects how among its wonderful qualities really captures or recaptures the driving experience of the original. NA miata.... Listening to the podcast I own a 2008 cts AWD fe2 304 hp and it is an excellent choice for realitors...the depreciation hit is huge (and I always bought new with the exception of the new to me miata) my suggestion to realitiabilty is definitely the trouble free cts can be stolen. Nice car that says successful but not too extravagant to potiential buyers..
  • From: Everyday Driver Car Debate - Ford ST Octane Academy, M235i vs. S3 Shoot, Which Cars Have Enjoyable Paddles?: Episode 46
    I'm digging everyday driver so much I just last week bought one...in addition to my 2008 c6 z51 m6 I picked up an everyday driver! A 1994 1,8 liter miata....what a blast.....breaking the sound barrier and staying under the legal speed limits. I bought the trombone brush and cleaned all the drainage holes as well as the a/c .. Cars as dry as a bone...bought the 15 inch M edition wheels and practically brand new 195/50/15 tires... Bought a new exhaust to be put on by the end of the week...and have the butterfly flyin Miata brace coming in for a june 20th install.. 59k miles and just 2600 bucks to buy.......what a steal for all the driving enjoyment this offers. I like this description on how to_7009964127063171791_n_zpsjne3dvxv.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q640/jonathan_brown7/Facebook/Mobile%20Uploads/11392956_10205852688414841_7009964127063171791_n_zpsjne3dvxv.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Like A Goober
    Digging the Porsche talk and I'm a vette guy. Keep up the cool podcast and give more details on the Porsches
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Mambo No. 39
    Thanks for clearing up that bullshit interweb panic on boxster/cayman issues. So you just buy and enjoy...cool ride...post up photos of your Porsches on hooneverse more often. Glad you guys are doing future podcasts off hooneverse site.. Let's hear more about your cars...
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Kills Bugs Fast
    Another cool show guys. Glad I found your podcast! Still searching boxster cayman stories ...renegade a necessity ? Or will the engines last?
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Live Long and Prosper
    Cool podcast but couldn't find the LS powered cayman reference.
  • From: Super Speeders - Episode 7 - I can't drive 55
    Great show guys ..alThough I am hopeful for your opinions of some of the cars shown at the NY autoshow next week.. Always fun to hear other opinions of the cars brought into NY for press coverage. Test drove the tesla as this week with 691 hp and AWD...nice family sedan with a lot of pep! Especially for a vehicle close to 5000 lbs. Will the cuv version due out later this year take a nice bit out of land rover range rover sales? The upcoming 570S McLarens competing with the Porsche 911 turbo...will it grow the segment or take a bite out of Porsche sales? Thanks again for a great show. Keep up the good work.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Virtual Podcast
    Cool show guys..and Matt I dig the one takes a lot....skip the weird blue on the focus rs Jmo
  • From: Super Speeders - Episode 6 - Blacked Out At The Nardi Party
    Good podcast! Thanks for your efforts
  • From: Petrolholics' Podcast - Chicago and Geneva Auto shows
    Cool show. Thanks guys. Appreciate the insights from the Chicago show too
  • From: Uber Ride Share Podcast 2015-02-07 23:02:32 - First Uber Gubber podcast!
    I enjoyed your podcast on uber ing....good to hear you have written a book as well
  • From: Super Speeders - Episode 2 - Shiny Side Up
    Cool show...keep up the good work.
  • From: CarStories - LA Auto Show
    Cool show! Thanks
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Replay on Racing
    That was an awesome show. Definitely cool to hear Replay XD cameras are designed to such a cool level of tech. I'm just an enthusiast who digs cars and this show and I never knew how cool replay XD cameras were. Thanks...cool shit about B&M too...
  • From: Hooniverse - Colossus Blazer Action (w/ guest Daniel Cudmore)
    Cool show guys! Thanks and happy holidays.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Pajero Slingshot
    Awesome show guys! Aaron Gold is an awesome guest...thanks for the laughs...
  • From: The Smoking Tire - The greatest Lexus RC F podcast... in the world.
    Awesome show with aAron...have him back on again.. I enjoy all your shows yet this one was one of the more entertaining. Talken with walken

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