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  • From: The Cast That Drips Blood - Why Haven't You Seen This Yet?! Part 2
    You guys bring up both Hardware and Blind Fury, Two movies I've long since assumed I'm the only one who has seen these. You guys are true cinephiles. Most impressive! Also, thanks again for the Hobo With A Shotgun DVD! I look forward to watching it. I am saving it for my Exploitation entry during 31 Days of Halloween.
  • From: The Cast That Drips Blood - Why Haven't You Seen This Yet!?
    Yeah... I probably won't be watching "Antfarm Dickhole". I do have "The Evil Within" on my 2017 horror watchlist. I couldn't agree more about "The Blackcoat's Daughter". Phenomenal film. Currently sitting at #4 out of 41 2017 horror films, and #12 out of 92 2017 movies period.
  • From: The Cast That Drips Blood - Alien Covenant Discussion
    I have to admit that I fall into the group that was lukewarm on Prometheus. I want facehuggers and Xenomorphs and gore. and action (like Aliens).. OR... claustrophobia and suspense (like Alien). The whole "where do we come from/what is the meaning of life?" stuff didn't work for me at all. It was a 6/10. I rank Alien: Covenant #3 in the series. I can't choose which I like better Alien or Aliens, so they tie for first and second.
  • From: The Cast That Drips Blood - Childhood Horror Movies
    Cool first episode! I love that you and your brother share a love for horror and have special memories. I never had a brother, but I imagine if I did, we'd have a lot of the same memories. Looking forward to more episodes!

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